Freed from artwork data entry… for free.

Xipsy allows you to privately send artwork information directly to another user’s artwork database. Never again re-enter the same details.

Viable resale rights for artists and galleries.

Xipsy enables you to create and manage contractual resale rights between collectors, artists and galleries.

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Unlike Any Other Art Database

Artwork data is entered once.

And only once. Whether you are a collector, an artist, a curator or a gallerist, you should never have to retype artwork information into a separate database. With Xipsy, the artwork details can be privately shared directly from one user to another. Share the record, as many times as you like with different permission levels for re-shares and editing. Share the record forever or set an expiration date.

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Artists Resale Rights Made Possible.

By integrating consignment agreements and artwork transfer records, Xipsy solves the problem of how to initiate and manage contractual resale rights for artists. Since each resale right is privately negotiated, Xipsy also enables galleries to participate, at their discretion.

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Collective Record Updating.

Multiple-person edit functionality allows a record to stay up to date through collective efforts. Include links to articles, exhibitions and other important provenance information.

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Available anywhere, anytime, for free.

Xipsy is web-based and optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Built on modern web technologies, Xipsy is fast, secure and available anytime you have an internet connection. Every user can sign up for a completely free account. Extra storage and enhanced features may be limited to subscribers.

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Additional Features